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Guide de l’environnement


Le manuel environnemental le plus utilisé en Belgique et le site web le plus consulté sur l’environnement et l’industrie

Jane Goodall

“I do have hope. Nature is enormously resilient, humans are vastly intelligent, the energy and enthusiasm that can be kindled among young people seems without limit, and the human spirit is indomitable. But if we want life, we will have to stop depending on someone else to save the world. It is up to us, you and me, all of us. Myself, I have placed my faith in the children.” 




Une publication clé pour faciliter les achats durables

L’annuaire des entreprises certifiées PEFC pour le bois et papier labellisés PEFC Belgium, l’asbl qui promeut le label PEFC dans notre pays, vient de lancer la troisième édition de l’annuaire des entreprises certifiées PEFC . Cet annuaire...

Gevolgen van klimaatverandering vormen een bedreiging voor mariene ecosysteem . Daarom moeten we internationaal handen in elkaar slaan en organiseren @McMarghem en ik op 19/2 internationale conferentie. Registreren kan via https://t.co/qaLvTr3KVw 💚🌊

Met Purazur kunnen bedrijven rekenen op een sterke partner met uitgebreide ervaring in het ontwerpen, bouwen en exploiteren van waterzuiveringsinstallaties voor industrieel afvalwater. https://t.co/TWenhG7agE

De nagel op de kop ...

#spijbelenvoorhetklimaat #milieugids #theirvoice #redonzeaarde #klimaatopwarming #toekomstpraat https://t.co/h49pZN2XuS

WMO says that the last four years have been the warmest on record – and carbon dioxide continues to rise, Average temperature of the last 5 years was 1.1°C higher than the pre-industrial average, says a new report from the ECMWF Co…https://t.co/awmwdBdcPi https://t.co/7jeG9C5tW1

So delighted to have contributed to this event. #plantatree #janegoodallbelgium #janegoodall #saveourplanet #stopglobalwarming #milieu #milieugids #planteenboom #luminus #forestinoneday #makeachange https://t.co/yzjqwONrnX

Join Jane Goodall and her wonderful team. #makeadifference https://t.co/5WqLBRjLKF

Onze groene partner Van Werven start plastic recycling in Zweden!

#vanwerven #recycling #plasticrecycling #milieugids #environment #groennieuws #recycled https://t.co/7fBImLpIeU

Proud to be vegan ... for the environment, for the animals, for our health ... and very excited that chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay are finally getting there too.
#healthy #health #saveourplanet #theirvoice #alllifematt…https://t.co/hw8tYqoWNI https://t.co/DO2t96XjH0

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DEME – Tender Engineer Environmental Projects

Your assignment Depending on your actual experience you will be or become  responsible for different tasks throughout the tender process for Environmental projects: Technical analysis and contractual evaluation of Clients requirements Organize...

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