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Société: Memsep Filtration Ltd
TVA: UK289880528
Adresse: Peridot House, Anmore Road, Waterlooville, Hants
UK-P07 6NP
Tél.: +44 2392 36 10 25
Fax (think green): –

Personnes à contacter + function: 
Eric Pert – Director
E-mail: eric.pert@memsepfiltration.com
Site web: www.memsepfiltration.com
Fondation: –
Nombre d’employés: –
Chiffre d’affaires: –



Memsep Filtration Ltd is a young, dynamic company staffed by experienced and qualified personnel specialising in the manufacture and supply of critical filtration and separation solutions. Memsep Filtration’s capabilities extend to a wide range of process fluids and applications including the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and beverage industries.

Memsep Filtration are able to offer an economical advantage based on optimising and improving processes. The integration of a test capability, ensures that sterile products are protected against contamination.

Memsep Filtration’s highly integrated capbilities extend to the manufacture of both the filters and housings using cutting edge 5-axis machining capabilities.
Product innovation and development at Memsep Filtration are closely aligned with the staff’s decades of experience in filtration.

Memsep Filtration operate worldwide and offer a flexible delivery and business model for customers. There is a strong focus on developing superior products for filtration requirements and customer value. Memsep Filtration have the technology, manufacturing experience and process knowledge to improve all critical processes.



  • sterile filtration
  • filter housings
  • integrity testing
  • WFI, injectable
  • polymeric filters
  • metallic filters


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